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Troy Union Railroad Company and the City of Troy, New York


Picture at top: Hoffman’s Playland, an amusement park in the Albany, NY area announced it is closing at the end of the season.  That immediately led to some discussion about a new home for the Ferris Wheel which can be seen from Route 9 as you drive pass Hoffman’s. Some comments suggest Troy and it’s Riverfront Park. A wheel would have historic  ties to Troy. George Washington Gale Ferris a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, designed and built the first Ferris Wheel for the World’s Columbian Expostion in 1893 in Chicago, Ill.

This blog will be a collection of stories, mostly directly concerning the Troy Union Railroad Company, but also the city of Troy too.


Let’s start out with what the Troy Union Railroad looked  like on the New York Central balance sheet and income statement.

See some cool stuff in 1939 Annual Report

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The Boston & Maine (B&M) did get down to the Hudson River. It had a line called the Adams Street railway which went to the Hudson somewhere around River Street. The trackage was either in the street or beside it. A plan I saw, quite old, had a lot of trackage there. The Adams Street trackage was south of Union Station. The City of Troy was anxious to have the railroads move out of the downtown area and demolish Union Station. With the termination of the remaining passenger operations in Troy, B & M 1958, D & H and NYC about the same time, this goal was realized. However, the Rutland was using B & M-NYC trackage rights to reach Chatham, NY via Troy. As long as the Rutland operated, trains (like the “fabled Rutland Milk”) continued to run right through the downtown section of Troy. The Rutland…

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