the HUMBLE silence…of…GREATNESS

Kevin Hotter

Hollywood, CAAfter I took this photo – I thought “Is this a sign or an ideology?”

Greatness is not easily defined. It’s a concept that means a lot of different things…

But – one thing is undeniable…

….Greatness is only truly achieved by those who possess a genuine heart and silent humility.

We meet so many people in life who love to boast about their achievements. They drop names (which I recently did – oops!). They talk, talk and talk…but never listen.

On the flip side. We also meet people who are beyond humble. They have given so much to this world, and to the people in it. Yet, they show no pride. No boastfulness. No self-importance. They just do their thing. And do it well.

Recently, I met two dudes. Both of these guys are very successful in their chosen fields.

One guy couldn’t stop talking about how terrific his…

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