Clothing Haul Part I


Hello my lovely readers 🙂

I’ve wanting to do a haul for quite a while, but I never I’ve been postponing it so today the day has finally arrived. I’m going to saw you some of the things I’ve been buying trough 2015, since it’s already April I have to warn you it’s a really huge haul.

I love reading about other peoples haul, I don’t know if it’s whereat to find inspiration or because I’m a bit nosey. The clothes and complements are from high street shops.

-Jumpers and t-shirts:

Since in January it was quite cold, I decided to buy two jumpers on sales. Both of them are from Bershka.


When I saw this jumper in the shop I immediately fall in love with it. It’s made out of this new material which is this kind of fluffy, cosy hair. It’s just so soft and warm. I love the…

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