Please read the poem. A powerful message by a amazing writer.


I Lived

A Story by Kathryn Smith(Thank you Kathryn)

Hope if everybody runs

you choose to stay


Some people believe in them.

Some people don’t.

I am living proof there is such thing as a miracle.

If you think about it, we all are.

Tomorrow I will be turning 23.

Each Birthday is such a triumph for me.  

When my mother was expecting me, I wasn’t growing.

No one could figure out why.

My parents took it so far to the highest scientific doctors and even they couldn’t find the reason.

I was due in September.

The doctors told my parents to get an abortion.

If they didn’t get an abortion, I wouldn’t survive.

If I did survive, I would most likely be severely handicapped.

If I lived, I would die by the time I was 3.

Thank God my parents had faith in me.

Most people these days…

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