Post 1560: Playtime!


Dougy hints broadly he wants to play See his front paws poised to rip into his favorite feather toy. Yes, he wakes up ready for Freddy, wanting to play.

Andy is more interested in getting kitty food time on the road, then he’ll come around for a royal “scritching”.

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What Maddie Likes

No Facilities

“I’m good. I like this step.”

If we were having a beer, well, you’d be having water.

“I thought you were going to the bar.”

“Not today. I thought I’d sit here with you for a while.”

“Thanks. I like sitting out here.”

“We know, Maddie, we know.”

“Well, it was your idea, you and Faith. You guys built that patio for my cot.”

“No, we built that patio for mom.”


“You took over the patio, and when we moved the bench out of the way, you started sitting on the steps.”

“I like sitting on the steps. I thought you knew that. I figured it’s why you moved the bench over here.”

“We moved the bench over here, so we could take comfortable chairs over there. This bench is not comfortable.”

“Then why did you buy it?”

“It’s pretty. We wanted to make a pretty little place for…

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The Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions in Kenya

Cheche Winnie

IMG_20171007_105907It was a meeting for the conservationists determined for their voice to be heard against injustices towards the animal species considered to be endangered. The key species highlighted were the lions, rhinos and elephants, which also happen to be among the big five of the Kenyan wildlife.

The walk was scheduled to start by 8:00 am and participants were expected to arrive between 7:00 am and 8:00 am. By that 7:00 am, almost all the participants had already arrived. Passion for conservation has ready improved and this is a good news to the future of the natural resources. Another great achievement is the growth of youth numbers in the conservation activities. Youth had come out in large numbers unlike last year.


Our cabinet secretary for the Environment and Natural resources, Madam Judi Wakhungu, officiated our walk some few minutes past 8: am. She has been savior to wildlife since she…

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One-Liner Wednesday – Perfection

No Facilities

I guess this should be called “Perfection Again” because my file system alerted me to the fact that “Perfection” has been used. Oh, the irony of making a mistake while writing about perfection. In any case, this time, I think I know what I’m talking about.

Some people consider the perfect morning commute to be one that doesn’t involve horrendous traffic or speeds under 50 mph (80.5 kph). Me, I consider the perfect commute to be one that includes a few stops. A sunrise or red sky over the tobacco fields is always nice. This week, it was too dark for that, but I got an interesting shot of some construction cones.

Another stop, no surprise to regular readers, is Great River Park. I always like to see what’s flowing past Hartford.

Another stop is for food. Something to tide me over until lunch, or in the case yesterday, a…

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Thursday Doors – Around The Big-E

No Facilities

In an effort to keep this post short, I thought I’d stick with the Big-E, since don’t have to explain much. If you’re unfamiliar with the Big-E, you can read what I wrote about it here, here and, most recently, here.

Henrietta the cow has been in the Vermont building ever since Faith was a little girl. We always stopped to see her, and the tuxedo cat in the loft. At that time, we had Oreo, our first tuxedo cat.

If you’re unfamiliar with Thursday Doors, it’s a weekly parade of doors led by Norm Frampton and his fraternity of photographers, artists and door aficionados. The floats move down the Internet’s Main Street, covering the entire globe. If you want to join the parade, or if you just want to snag some good seats, head on up to Norm’s staging ground. Check out his doors and look…

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The Curious Incident of the Cat at Night

Great article. So true!

A Generous Helping

This diary starts on a rainy, autumn night in the bedroom of a typical southern home where only the cat is awake… Always watching.

12:34 am – The large one is stirring. He has been getting up every night. There is a potential that he is becoming nocturnal. After following him to observe his movements, I have observed that he goes to the human litter box. But every night? Why can’t he hold it – even the offspring do that? Does the adult male regress to infantile state?

12:48 am – After stirring, he finally rises. I’ve decided to investigate by following him into the small water closet.

12:55 am – It has been several minutes. He may or may not be asleep again in a seated position. I have taken up a surveillance position behind him.

12:58 am – Surprisingly, he got up very quickly and pushed the splash…

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Our seven sins of travel photography

Jules Verne Times Two

In a plot that might well inspire the next mid-morning soap opera hit, the once glamorous world of the travel blogger is crumbling to the ground. Internet celebrities and Instagram sensations are falling from stardom, shot down by accusations of overly enthusiastic photo editing. Some replace a cloudy sky with a magnificent sunset, while others remove mobs of tourists from the Taj Mahal. The boldest ones paste themselves onto dreamy remote locations where they’ve never been to. Jules and I lack the devious craftsmanship to do the same, and even our moms would laugh if we called ourselves internet starlets, but this whole debacle has nevertheless got us thinking. Have we too been deceiving our readers?

The ethics of a travel journal seem to fall somewhere between the clear-cut lines of a news article and the nebulous boundaries of a short story. Should it fall closer to the former or…

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