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the challenges that parents face


We have written a few times on parenting and children.  Now, we share these sundry thoughts.

Raising children, especially in these terrible times, can seem to be a thankless chore.

Yet, we so desperately need strong families today in Western societies.

We encourage, even urge, parents to spend time with your children and take an active, continuing interest in their development each year.  Remember, the schools are not designed to play the role of parents to your children.  Schools are to educate your children, not raise them.  You, as parents, must work to instill self-discipline in your sons and daughters.

Parents being more actively involved with their children was the norm 4 or 5 decades ago. I can remember when most women with children were housewives back in the 1960s.  In those years, a married couple could maintain a modest middle class standard of living with one “bread winner”.  Life was a…

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