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Do You Enjoy Writing Wicked?

The Lonely Author

Every hero needs a villain.

Remember the cardboard cutout dastardly villain who squeezed his handle bar mustache between his fingers while tying the damsel in distress to the railroad tracks. Those days are over.

If you are a writer and you have a great hero, there is one thing that you need; an even GREATER villain.

Today’s readers and audiences don’t expect a bad guy who is all brawn and no brains. They want a villain who challenges our hero and defeats him time and time again. This allows you to build tension. Readers want a cunning evil doer who is always two steps ahead of our protagonist.

Think of The Joker (the Heath Ledger version of course) in The Dark Knight, constantly outwitting everyone including Batman. Hannibal Lecter “quid pro quo” demands of Clarice Starling; before he led her to a serial killer (Buffalo Bill) she desperately needed to…

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Why I blog.

Ordinary Adventures

Welcome back! I’m glad you guys have stuck around. I was so happy to introduce my blog and myself this week and officially start the blogging experience. Yet I feel like the meaning behind this blog and what I really plan on using it for is still a little hazy. So, I was excited when I was challenged to open up and share why I blog.

My dear friend Moriah over at Untidy Grace wrote a lovely post about why she blogs. As something like a mentor in the blogging sphere to me, I was interested when she reached out and dared me to write my own piece. I hope that not only does this help me arrange my own thoughts, but it will also help you all know what to look forward to here at Ordinary Adventures.

I blog because I want to change. As I talked about earlier this…

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25 advantages of blogging for inspiration

Digital Dimensions

Image courtesy of Renjith krishnan/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This article points out twenty five advantages of blogging. If you go through this post you may find that many of these benefits are enjoyed by you while having a blog. I can assume that this post is going to encourage many bloggers especially new ones who are looking for some motivation. This blog may serve to inspire those who are undecided as to whether they should continue with their blogging for various reasons of their own.Reading this post may motivate you whenever you read it and may make you feel that you should not stop blogging but continue with renewed zest.So here is the list of twenty five advantages of blogging.

#1. Networking with various people worldwide.

One of the important benefits of blogging is its feature that helps us to network with a wide range of bloggers from different walks of life across…

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