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Basri yilmazer

Linkages.. i think that it is one of the most important cornerstones of supply chain and procurement (sourcing) process. It is not only for businesses but daily personal, family life as well. Linkages is crucial for most of the successful operating corporations.

Surely you have heard about the Target closes their stores and move back from Canada. There are coupe of reasons for that. Obviously, they couldn’t compete with one of the biggest competitors wall mart, in terms of price, location, convenience etc. Second and mostly related to the topic that they could not link with the environment.  Successful and huge businesses like Apple, Microsoft, Siemens, and Wall mart have huge linkages within their functional areas, and with their geographic environment, which plays extreme role in their success stories.

That is why, i believe that Supply Chain process forms a huge part of a corporation.  Almost 75% of the big corporations employees work…

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How Hoover caused the Great Depression

The Cotton Boll Conspiracy

As we continue to struggle through the so-called “Great Recession,” it’s important to note that American history has been dotted with economic downturns of varying severity, with more than 40 such events taking place since the nation’s founding.

Among the more notable:

  • The Panic of 1837, caused by bank failures and a lack of confidence in paper currency, led to the failure of more than 600 banks and the collapse of the Southern cotton market.
  • The Panic of 1873, precipitated partly by American overinvestment in railroads, was known as the Great Depression until the 1930s, when the latter economic downturn was given that moniker and that the earlier downturn renamed the “Long Depression.”
  • The Panic of 1893 came about after the failure of the Reading Railroad and the withdrawal of European investments led to a collapse of the US stock market and the American banking industry. It was also spurred in…

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About 2 yrs. ago I made a trip down to see the Battleship USS New Jersey BB-62 that is located on the Camden Waterfront in Camden NJ.


She’s a big one! Her 9 16” Guns can throw a 1500 lb. HE projectile more than 20 miles to the target. I was with this ole’ “Battlewagon” over in Vietnam and saw for myself what awesome power she has.


Now, she is a Museum for all to visit and see what a awesome ship this is. Taken out of Service by the Navy because these Iowa Class Battleships are just too slow for today’s US Navy and very expensive to operate. She has more than 10 Battle Stars for action that she took part in.


This is #3 Gun Turret on the Aft End of the ship.


Looking down from the 03 Level towards the Bow.


One of the Captains Chairs looking…

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UBER! Are people getting wise to them yet?


Lots of secrets you didn’t know, and some you wish you still did not know.

Remember how Mom always told you not to get in cars with strangers? Ride-sharing services have turned that sage advice on its head.

It’s easy to see why. Using Uber is far easier than trying to hail a cab on a crowded corner. Just whip out your phone, log in to the app, tap for a ride, and then pay for it with another tap when you’ve reached your destination. These new services are cheaper than traditional taxis, too.

Drivers could be working for Uber AND a competitor. Reduces their downtime.

Uber execs will call for Lyft rides and then try to recruit the drivers. Henry, who’s been driving for about five months in Los Angeles, was approached by Uber and offered a $500 bonus for switching from Lyft. The next week he was back…

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Mews: How to be a cat! ;)


Hi everyone,

In case your cat doesn’t know HOW to be a cat here are some cute and funny cartoons to instruct him / her. 😀 These have been posted on Facebook by How 2 be a cat.

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How to be a cat 1How to be a cat 2How to be a cat 3How to be a cat 4How to be a cat 5How to be a cat 6How to be a cat 7How to be a cat 8How to be a cat 9How to be a cat 10

So which one of these has your cat mastered? 😀

For more fun cartoons checkout their Facebook page by clicking here.

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