How does reciprocity works?

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How to get the eligibility form?

Send an e-mail to Ms. Peggy Anderson regarding your interest to take the Registration Examination with the following information.

Your complete mailing address w/ your full name as it appears on your government issued photo identification card (i.e. driver’s license, passport, current prc id)

E-mail Address:

Where to apply for foreign degree equivalency report?

Foreign Educational Document Service

P.O. Box 4091

Stockton, CA 95204

309/ 948-6859

For agency procedures and costs:

Ask for details of procedure and payment.

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Man is Unable To Guide Himself

Shake Your Conscience !


Within civilization man is surrounded by others like himself and he finds that he shares much in common with his fellow men. Humans are similar and share the same basic needs. Mankind endlessly pursues that which offers pleasures and flees from whatever threatens to cause pain. The “fight or flight” instinct is always at work to protect one from physical, mental and emotional harm. What one does in response to that instinct is largely dependent upon his moral standard. As Yusuf Islam (former pop-singer Cat Stevens) said: when we are hurting we look for something to comfort us. While they consider all that causes pain to be evil. But there in trouble, the religious man turns to God, the one without religion runs from the pain and turns to something else (like alcohol) which will take his attention away from whatever is bothering him. There are two people with the…

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Memories of Commuters on Bar Cars

Ancien Hippie

We covered a lot on the end of the bar cars on the New Haven Line. Plus even more on bar cars. What have never seen until now are great pictures of folks riding those cars. Now the only picture we own is outside shot of the most famous bar car.

But the Connecticut Post has come to our rescue with 17 pictures from 1961 .

View of commuters as they drink on the New York New Haven train, New York, New York, 1961. (Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

The bar car is no more as Metro-North did away with the practice through attrition this year, but in recent years it was not what it once was. Maybe that’s a good thing.

In combing through the archives, they ran across these wonderful photographs from Alfred Eisenstadt, the LIFE photographer famous for his “V-J Day kiss

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