Which Samples are Your Best Investment?

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Samples are a very important component of your Avon business because they are really effective for building customer loyalty. It makes your current customers feel special and WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE? People love free stuff! There are so many options Avon gives us as far as samples go; but it can be costly if we don’t do our research and get the best bang for our buck. I like to buy samples that are plentiful, economical, and are sure to win repeat customers.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I always staple or paperclip them to their invoice. Dropping samples at the bottom of a bag (like the picture above) is NOT effective. If offering a vial fragrance sample, I put it in a little treat bag with a business card, a piece of candy or a small bag of nuts, and a “Just for You!” sticker stapled to the invoice, which implies…

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Let’s Make Life More Colorful!

Through Open Lens

Graffiti 1

F/4.2, 1/60, ISO 800.

Day 183 / 365

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet the guy at the gallery wouldn’t trade me that painting for my newspaper.

DEMOLITION EXHIBITION : 100 Artists, 30,000 Square Ft of Graffiti, 12:00pm to 8:00pm Till July 4.

410 Marin Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Interesting Fact: The Longest Graffiti Scroll was created in Pakistan on the 3rd March 2012 and it measured 1,924 metres in length, and took 274 people to complete. This is an official record and can be found in the Guinness World Record .

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Day 38: Reasons why I should move to Charleston, SC

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Among the many reasons I should move to Charleston, SC are the following:


In my two days (so far) in Charleston, practically every person I’ve met has looked and sounded remarkably relaxed, content, and happy.  People I’ve spoken to in Charleston — who have, without exception, been kind, courteous, friendly, and interesting — include  Chris Perot:


Chris was one of many people I spoke to yesterday who urged me to move to Charleston. Some of these Charleston Proselytizers became converted mid-life; others are native born.  Chris was one of the former:  he moved here from somewhere else. (Chris, if you’re reading this, I forgot to write down where you moved from, and my memory sucks!)

Chris is a musician and he also really enjoys his job at a Very Cool Hat Store, on the Very Cool King Street.



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100 Years Ago In The Trou, NY Record

The Amalgamated Association of Street Railway Engineers doesn’t want to get into a dispute with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Amalgamated members feel so strongly about this, The Record reports, that they don’t even want to share a room with Brotherhood representatives at an Albany conference today.

Earlier this month, the Troy branch of the Amalgamated threatened to go on strike against the United Traction Company, the Collar City’s streetcar service, unless the company forced the Hudson Valley Railway to replace Brotherhood workers on its cars from Waterford to Troy, which run on United Traction tracks, with Amalgamated workers.

Today’s conference at United Traction headquarters in Albany is the second round of negotiations for the two rail lines and the Amalgamated. The “comparatively brief” meeting is marked by sharp exchanges between United Traction vice president Harry B. Weatherwax and Amalgamated representative W. B. Fitzgerald.

Weatherwax grows impatient with Fitzgerald’s denial of conflict between the two unions. When Fitzgerald accuses United Traction of trying to “make it appear that the issue was a quarrel between the two labor organizations, “ Weatherwax answers, “This is just what we claim, exactly, and we will not recede from our position one inch.

“This is purely a matter which should be adjusted by two labor organizations, but you are trying to make the United Traction company pull your chestnuts out of the fire.”

When Fitzgerald protests that United Traction is exaggerating the issue between the unions “for effect,” Weatherwax asks, “Can it appear any other way when you want us to put these men out of work?”

Weatherwax challenges Fitzgerald to say whether the Amalgamated intends to strike. Since Fitzgerald isn’t ready to answer, Weatherwax invited Brotherhood representatives in the room to state their side of the case. At that point Fitzgerald leads the Amalgamated delegation out of the conference.

Speaking for the Brotherhood, L. C. Griffin doesn’t want a fight with the Amalgamated, but insists that his union has as much right to work on Troy tracks as the Amalgamated has to work on Brotherhood turf.

Before Fitzgerald leaves, he asks Griffin why the Brotherhood didn’t “put off” Amalgamated men on their tracks. Griffin replies that “the Brotherhood has never favored putting men out of work, as work is sometimes hard to get.”

Some Brotherhood men are less diplomatic. L. C. Stack recounts that Fitzgerald once called the Brotherhood the “missing link of organized labor,” while A. D. Stickney wishes that Fitzgerald had stuck around to explain why many Brotherhood men had quit the Amalgamated. “Fitzgerald knows why we did so better than anybody else,” he claims.

— Kevin Gilbert

Calling All YouTubers!


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick post asking if anyone would perhaps like to connect on YouTube by doing a colab of some sort (beauty related of course). Feel free to leave me some ideas. Also, i’m just interested to connect with other small YouTubers in general, so leave a comment with your channel and i’ll check it out!

I think it’s important that we small YouTubers connect with each other!

You can view my channel here.

Thank you so much, and i’ll be back with a new video on my channel tomorrow.

Much love xx


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