Day 961: Pareidolia

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

My son Aaron, who has a very nice face, tells me that “Pareidolia” is the word for our tendency to see human faces where they do not exist.

For example, when I faced this car, yesterday, in Edinburgh, Scotland …

… it looked, to me, like it had a human face.

We probably see human faces, where they do not actually exist, as a way make the unfamiliar more reassuring.

It’s also reassuring to see actual human faces, especially if they look friendly.

That’s Joanna, who reassured us that the unfamiliar Scottish custom of including white AND pink marshmallows on hot chocolate was actually practiced widely across Europe.

That’s Fearghas, with whom we swapped recommendations about what shows to see at the Festival Fringe.

That’s one of the faces of the terrific improv group Men with Coconuts, whom we’ve faced several times this year and during the Festival Fringe in…

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Life Goes On

The Falling Thoughts

So many memories are buried

in my heart graveyard

Even those faces as well

I thought they would be hard

life goes on with her own pace

Fancy cars become part of the junkyard

Every pain has happiness before

don’t think narrow, think broad

do what you like and like what you do

you are free and slave of only one lord

everything has time and place

until the right moment don’t show your card

Life is precious and very short

Make it easy don’t make it hard


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