5 Ways to Make Your House Feel Like Home-Sweet-Home.

Ordinary Adventures

I’ve lived in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment for the past year and a half. Over a year of that has been with Drew. As much as I love our little home, sometimes it feels a slightly cramped and way too much like a rental. Since I’ve moved in, I have taken strides to make our small apartment as homey as I can. And over the past months, I’ve discovered a few things that help make it feel like home sweet home.

1. Make the bed. Growing up, this was one of my least favorite chores. Every morning I had to make my bed, line up the pillows, and smooth out the quilt. When I moved out I stopped doing the silly tradition, but it didn’t take long for me to feel disorganized and messy. Doing something as simple as making the bed every morning makes your bedroom…

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Freedom is an Open Road


Freedom is an Open Road

Written by my brother, Bobby Birkhofer, as a gift for my 22nd birthday

If you would like to share his work, please give credit to the amazing literary artist that he is!

As I sat upon a mountainside with all the world before me

I observed the sun high in the sky running its daily course

And I thought to myself ‘isn’t this the way things are supposed to be?’

And the answer came easily without any doubt, without remorse

All the money the world couldn’t buy a bluer sky than this

Nothing could warm my heart more than the sweet Wyoming sun

No worldly possessions could ever bring more happiness

Than the satisfaction I feel here when every day is done

So if I ever leave this country,

I’m sure it’s blue skies and western wind will always call me home

And I will…

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Leo Parker | VI

Jazz You Too

Leo Parker‘s album “Let Me Tell You ‘Bout It“, features John Burks on trumpet, better known as Dizzy Gillespie, I found it in one of my drawers, my CD collection keeps on challenging YouTube, I could easily find the track there, so here it is to prove it!

Leo Parker (baritone saxophone); John Burks (trumpet); Stan Conover (bass); Bill Swindell (tenor saxophone); Yusef Salim (piano); Purnell Rice (drums).

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YSL Couture Palette Black Addiction Edition


Hello All! YSL has released three exclusives back to back. The one you will be seeing in this post is fromNordstrom. I could not resist the packaging. You can visit the Nordstrom site directly herefor more details.This Couture Palette Black Addiction Edition is an exclusive only to Nordstrom and isa limited edition piece.

The description via Nordies reads:

  • Get the latest rock-chic look with Yves Saint Laurent Black Addiction Couture Palette, featuring a new harmony of shades sprinkled with glitter and diamond dust
  • This beautiful palette of sensual elegance is composed of deep pink and tawny shades contrasted with an intense black
  • Color glides on smoothly, evenly and blends effortlessly
  • By Yves Saint Laurent; made in France

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

The product packaging is YSL’s signature gold that outlines the sides and above is a black-copper shimmer with hints of pink and the…

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