Compression garments: do they actually work? 

Is it healthful?

What do pregnant women, athletes in training and people on long haul flights have in common? Apart from the likelihood of suffering nausea along the journey, the link is compression tights – wearing compression tights specifically. So are compression garments healthful, or are they merely overpriced, ultra-tight pants that would make the most groin grabbingly restrictive jeggings blush? Well this might depend on who you are.


Compression garments reduce post-exercise muscle soreness (DOMS), increase muscle strength and power moderately for 72-hours following exercise – meaning they do not directly improve performance during sport (1). However, the moderate effect on post-exercise recovery may enhance training performance during this time, thus indirectly improving sport performance in the future. Get it? So do I.

Pregnant women:

Compression tights improve leg symptoms, such as heaviness, pain and numbness experienced during pregnancy, but do not alter leg swelling or the presence of…

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Birchbox: How to Peek at Your Box Early!


In case you didn’t know, Birchbox is a $10/month subscription service for at least five sample (sometimes full-sized!) beauty products. If you are interested in subscribing, feel free to use my referral link. I came across this trick on Reddit a while ago to view your samples before you can officially see them on the 10th of each month! For the past couple of months, I have used this trick to look at my samples since I like to know right away. I just viewed my box, so I figured I would share this trick!

Now before you get too excited, note that this link may not work for you. Also, this may not always be accurate. The actual box you receive could be different, so the samples you see through this trick may not actually be what you actually receive. This preview may change as well. For example, while using this trick during an…

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You Need To Read These Tips Regarding Woodworking Right Now

Home Improvement Partners


Woodworking is not a common skill. But for those inclined to enjoy working with this medium, the rewards are endless. If you are a person that enjoys working with wood, or just have a project in mind, read the advice contained in this article. These tips will help you understand and learn more about woodworking.

Organize your shop’s extension cords to keep your shop safe and tidy. You can make your own cord keeper with nothing more than a scrap piece of wood. Simply cut a piece of wood in the shape of an I and wrap each of your extension cords around the wood.

Practice some table saw safety. When crosscutting with a table saw, set your cut length with the block clamped to your fence. Do not use your fence directly for avoiding get kicked back by a board directly. You need to clamp the block of wood…

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The Speechless Storyteller

Quill & Quest

It’s a weird feeling. The momentwhen you’re looking around and you simultaneously want to describe everythingyou’re seeing and feeling to everyone you know, but yet somehow can’t seem to find the right words.

It happens when you least expect it. One second you’re trudging uphill, out of breath and unable to concentrate on anything except how much your feet hurt, the next second you’re rounding a corner and your breathing stops and your feet stop moving — only it’s not because of the pain. It’s because you just came around a corner and saw something so beautiful you remember why you bothered to walk on through the pain in the first place.

It was for this moment, though you were never sure exactly when this moment might be, that you kept going for. That you pushed yourself for. That for which you decided, “This is all worth it.”

And you’re…

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