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Nice harmony of life. Poetic Letter

Joëlle Jean-Baptiste – Author

Dear readers,

Here is, before the holidays, the last poetic letter called: nice harmony of life.

Nice harmony of life

Nice harmony of life.

Peace of heart
Reveling in bliss
A source of revivals

Forgot outright lies
Destructive projects
Which often prowled

Opening the window of life
Misfortune slowly evaporates
Gradually the truth appears

The ideas of the future
Just as a good purr
On the cat, who agree (…)

The rest of this new poetic letter is on the site of poetry: The free thoughts

I will return in a few weeks, with the finalization of writing projects for publications.

Much thanks for your loyalty.
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By the Mighty Mumford


Men don’t like to quit,

But boy, he surely reached it…

It was too hot

His legs were shot,

He’d done less than half of it!

Clearing out the car

Only so far…

MOXIE soda–

One sip it’s over–

He needed a cool water jar.

Disposal in three bags,

Arrayed on his cart (no tags)…

Making slow work,

Hardly a perk,

No shade nearby to bag!

He worked as long as he could,

Not quite as long as would…

As he wearily clopped

Was it too soon he stopped?

The whole of him didn’t feel good.

–Jonathan Caswell,

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They say it’s all fate

Words dipped in Happiness

Sometimes I wonder, can we ever understand the working principle of the life? Whenever I see my face in a mirror, I can see my skin in which I live, but I cannot see myself, SOUL. I can see my nose, but I cannot see the air. I can see my mouth, but I cannot see the words. I can see my tongue, but I cannot see the taste. I can see the things in light, but I cannot see the natural light itself. And nowadays we can see humans, but not the humanity in humans (no harm intended).

Not everything in this world is just to be seen so that they can be believed and understood. The most important things in our life often occur unseen. So never believe in things only which you see, also believe in things which you feel to exist. Because they exist. They…

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