My Issue With “Stopping the Boat People”


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For the benefit of those reading this from a foreign shore, our island home, Australia, is currently mid way through a federal election campaign.

Like most election campaigns throughout the world, this campaign has a number of slogans that are constantly being drilled into our ears in the hope of provoking some kind of emotional response that will prompt us to vote for one of the two major parties. The slogan that has really caught my attention in this campaign is “Stop the Boats”.

Before I go any further, a bit of background is needed. As you will all know, Australia is an island nation and therefore, the only way to get here is to fly, which is rather expensive, or to arrive by boat. After World War II we encouraged immigrants to arrive here by boat, in fact we sent ships over to Europe and other parts of the…

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CHILDHOOD: gone…but NOT forgotten

Kevin Hotter

"Arizona's Best" “Arizona’s Grandeur”

I am not sure why…but…for some reason, I keep getting older. Last thing I remember was playing bicycle tag with John and Billy on Lynmore Avenue. And then enjoying “mistakes” at Weir’s Ice Cream (“mistakes” is a code word for ice cream sundaes rejected by customers, but free for us clever kids who knew to ask for them.)

Then…all of a sudden…I was married, had a child, and was paying bills. Lots of them. Oh yeah. And tons of student loans!

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind being an adult. I actually really enjoy it.

And having a family has been the most fulfilling and rewarding experience I have ever had. (Well…other than getting my first Nintendo on that amazing Christmas morning back in the 80s!)

Dissing adulthood, and all its responsibilities, is not my point. Rather. I am just baffled how quickly time…

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the HUMBLE silence…of…GREATNESS

Kevin Hotter

Hollywood, CAAfter I took this photo – I thought “Is this a sign or an ideology?”

Greatness is not easily defined. It’s a concept that means a lot of different things…

But – one thing is undeniable…

….Greatness is only truly achieved by those who possess a genuine heart and silent humility.

We meet so many people in life who love to boast about their achievements. They drop names (which I recently did – oops!). They talk, talk and talk…but never listen.

On the flip side. We also meet people who are beyond humble. They have given so much to this world, and to the people in it. Yet, they show no pride. No boastfulness. No self-importance. They just do their thing. And do it well.

Recently, I met two dudes. Both of these guys are very successful in their chosen fields.

One guy couldn’t stop talking about how terrific his…

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The Boston & Maine (B&M) did get down to the Hudson River. It had a line called the Adams Street railway which went to the Hudson somewhere around River Street. The trackage was either in the street or beside it. A plan I saw, quite old, had a lot of trackage there. The Adams Street trackage was south of Union Station. The City of Troy was anxious to have the railroads move out of the downtown area and demolish Union Station. With the termination of the remaining passenger operations in Troy, B & M 1958, D & H and NYC about the same time, this goal was realized. However, the Rutland was using B & M-NYC trackage rights to reach Chatham, NY via Troy. As long as the Rutland operated, trains (like the “fabled Rutland Milk”) continued to run right through the downtown section of Troy. The Rutland…

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Well, I am still bugged by slow connection. To add insult to injury, we have just survived a five-hour power interruption. Swell!

I have really given my blogging tactics a lot of thought while I was offline. I have to beat the odds and keep publishing posts without letting the drawbacks getting on my nerves.

From this day on, I will be using the schedule post feature to get around the inefficient systems. Unfortunately, I could not respond to comments in real time, which I really want to do. This may appear rude on my part. But what can I do if I am prevented to reply by factors I could not control?

I am still tinkering with my new theme, updating old pages while checking old posts before writing new content. I checked my email account and I am beginning to get double vision looking at thousands of notifications…

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