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Ego- Time to go.

Words dipped in Happiness

Ego, the trending topic in any relationship, always becomes the reason for a relationship to face inequalities and then indifferences and then they want only one thing, independence from each other.
So where this ego comes from?
It comes from the womb of hatred, that may be on anything, your work, your state of mind, or your partner’s popularity (in some cases). But remember, you can never clap with one hand. So one of them has to try to maintain the relationship by assessing the situations. Keep out the negative thoughts. Never let them come inside the mind. Because it rules over the heart and may destroy love from it. ONLY WHAT YOU EAT WITH YOUR MOUTH, REACHES YOUR STOMACH.

So we have to try to understand the position of our loved ones, try to control their anger, their depression show love to them, don’t let them feel lonely. Always…

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Cheers you guys :)

Ollie and Emma - The Series


Just hit our first 100 likes and we wanted to express our gratitude to everyone who has stopped by!

Right now we are working with our executive producer at Less Bland Productions in cooperation with our own team to secure the best budget for our project and Cheri and Tom have been working on setting up the first series so that everything is ready to go when filming commences!

It has been so exciting to be connecting with people all over the world with this blog! Thank you for supporting independent artists!

The Ollie and Emma gang

Thank you for supporting independant artists!

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Jollof Rice, Pepper Soup and Two Books

The Little Clay Cart

A couple of weeks back there was a book sale in Mangalore. Enticed by the low price that they had advertised for their books, I entered the dingy exhibition hall with the hope of picking up some interesting books. My excitement was short lived, as I saw stacks of tediously ubiquitous popular titles welcoming me. I remembered a quote by Haruki Murakami. “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking”. Any bibliophile worth his salt would live by this adage.

After navigating through the labyrinth of Fifty Shades of Whatnot, I saw some critically acclaimed books hidden under the heaps of cheesy bestsellers. Novels by Ben Okri, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Kazuo Ishiguro looked promising. I picked up few of their books and asked the vendor if I could get more books by these authors. He looked at…

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How should I know when I meet a Christian?


These days it seems that the vast majority of people I run into that claim to be Christians simply are not..

What are they anyway?

Simply a person who attempts to live a good life?  Really, this is a pathetic definition of the most apologetic variety, in such a case every religion and even the irreligious (of which I count myself as one) contain Christians.  I think for now this type definition can be dismissed as so watery it has lost all import.  There is also the logical back-step (modus tollens) that those who are not Christians are not trying to live a good life.  This section make up most of the people that want to argue with an Anti-Theist, for the life of me I can not understand this as they ought know they are simply to pathetic to argue with.  I liken this to the spiritual person who…

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All About That Base

Online Beauty Finds

W7 Eyeshadow Base

Hi again! Hope your Saturdays are going well so far!

I really wanted to talk about these W7 eye shadow bases today because I haven’t seen them being reviewed at all. I found them for $3.66 CAD (white) and $4.50 CAD (natural).

W7 Eyeshadow Base

So let’s first talk about the texture of these: they are very creamy and pigmented but can be sheered out on the eyelids if desired. They do need to be set as they crease without any powder on top. The ‘natural’ color is darker than my skin tone however, when I apply eye shadow on top it does not darken the colors. As you can see in the picture blow, it has a orange tint to it and I feel that cancels out the blue-ish, purple veins I have on my eye lids.

The ‘white’ color is a softer cream texture, it can be sheered out much easier…

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