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A Picture really is Worth a Thousand Words! #InfoGraphics


A Picture really is Worth a Thousand Words!

                                                              February 9th,  2015.


Hello everyone,

You may have noticed a trend all around you – CONTENT is becoming visual, more aesthetic, summarized and data online and digitally is starting to be presented in a more compact manner. Why should your Newsletter be any different? Do you use the full potential of HTML?

Info-graphics are the future of digital marketing. Why? Simply because 50%+ of users are receiving your campaigns on mobile devices, tablets or wearable technologies.

With information overload, the number of seconds of the attention span of your audience is reduced. Each minute they spend online or checking their E-mail is competing with multile other…

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Something New, Something Old


Experience of a friend:
My Apple iPhone 4S was acting up so in a moment of unwarranted extravagance, I upgraded to an iPhone 6 which now has more do-dads on it than a BMW.

Anyway, Ann and I took the Pacific Surfliner (the San Clemente Creeper) to San Diego this morning.
Guess what?  No tickets.  No email. No credit card.  No cash.  Got to the San Juan Capistrano depot and opened the iPhone app for Amtrak and punched in the 9:47 AM to San Diego.  We got on the train, held up the phone, showed the conductor the image of the QR Code (barcode) on the screen, he scanned it with his gizmo and moved on.


I was thinking how cool is that but then he had to take out a piece of paper, write “San Diego “on it then stick it in an overhead slot.. Just like in the…

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