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Every girls dream.

Hannah Crossley

A shop full of candles & perfumes, every girls dream? Well it’s certainly mine. Jo Malone has to be my all time favourite in the candle and perfume category & who’s introduced it to me? My gorgeous mummy, Pomegranate Noir scent is her. Recently I finished one of my top three scented candle ‘Incense & Embers’  which I have a blog post about here & thought I’d do a post on my top favourite scents by Jo Malone.


Of course I’m going to start with Pomegranate Noir which you can get here, I own the candle sadly not the perfume. I only burn this on VERY special occasions (yes I’m very sad I know) as I never want it to run out! Soon as I lift the lid of this the amazing fruity smell. If you like the smell of plums & raspberries then this is the one for…

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Festival Fashion [ Lookbook ] 

This past weekend a few girlfriends and I took a trip to the amazing Rockwater Secret Cove Resort (see the last time I visited it HERE) and had the best time! Along with all the fun stuff that you’ll see in another post coming soon we decided to do a little festival theme photo shoot for the Free People store I work for. I’m so in love with these photos and with Coachella just around the corner and a million other festivals coming up I thought they would make for great inspiration! 


IMG_6008IMG_5987  IMG_6016





I hope you guys liked these photos! Let me know your favourite looks in the comments below and to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all future adventures 🙂
*All outfits are Free People and details/ direct links to each item can be found on my FP Me Profile *

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Magic Tools to Fight your Very First Wrinkles

Beauty and Gadgets

With today  environmental pollution, stress level and many other factors, wrinkles might appears at very young age.

Few months ago I have experienced a little shock when one morning I looked at myself in the mirror and to my huge surprise, noticed the appearance of one forehead wrinkle and  few under eyes ones. I was totally not ready to accept first signs of aging, as before every other mornings, I was checking out my reflection in the mirror very closely and have not seen this wrinkles coming.

As a result, I had to come up with express magic solution against first sign of aging. My research over the internet together with numerous consultations with beauty therapists, helped me to develop my first aid kit to fight my very first tiny wrinkles.
So, First of all:

* Do not panic. We are all aging at different time (more or less…

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