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marriage (with a little sex and a little spice) – part three


marriage (with a little sex and a little spice) – part three

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∗∗∗∗  Warning:  Sexually explicit subject matter.  ∗∗∗∗

. . . . .continuing from part two . . . . .

Yes, we, men and women, are highly sexed creatures!  That important fact cannot be over emphasized.  (As mentioned in the essay on the book, Brain Sex (filed under great books and authors) the hormones are very powerful mind altering bio-chemicals.)  Wives and their husbands can benefit from a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural, inherent differences between the sexes.

For the marriage to survive and flourish, there needs to be a give and take between the spouses.  This is no trite remark.  Ongoing sacrifices are required on the part of the husband and on the wife’s part as well.  Consider four…

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I need to talk to someone


And there’s none I can in my real life. My posts a mixed up because I set them up to post automatically. A few days ago my bpd (border line personality disorder) start rearing its ugly head. My anxiety I through the roof. While I know I’m being unreasonable and over thinking. I can’t help but feel very rejected. I’ve deactivated my Facebook account because I was constantly check if he was online or what interaction he’s had on there. If he’s on I wonder why he’s not messaging. If he’s off I’m wondering who he’s with. He’s done nothing wrong on there at all. I’d reached out to others whom had either seen and ignored my msg or sent one back then nothing. Yesterday I text a few people to catch up. And was meet with no, or I’m busy or nothing.

I know its mostly to do with…

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Packing List: European Winter


Photo 18-08-2014 1 27 15 pm

This week I was asked by one of my lovely readers if I was able to write a post about what I packed for months of backpacking through Europe in the winter months. So here goes!

I wanted to pack enough clothes that I wouldn’t have to do laundry every week, but I had also set myself a luggage limit of 13kg (3kg backpack included). This turned out to be pretty tricky considering that most winter clothes tend to quite bulky and heavy.

Something else that I had to keep in mind when packing  was that I also wanted to look half decent on a semi regular basis (no mean feat, let me tell you).

But I ended up making it work, although buying things along the way did make my backpack substantially heavier by the time I went back home! So here is a list of what clothing I…

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Socks are quick victim of wear and tear – centuries old problem not solved yet. Why?

Your Well Wisher Program

Everyday morning in a hurry up mode to go to office, I don’t pay attention to what is happening to my socks. Almost all socks have holes and I have to keep in mind NOT to take out my shoes in any case.

In fact, I like to take off the shoes in the workplace which I can’t do. I have undercover survey and found that many people have their socks in torn state near the foot thumb and other fingers. So, this problem of torn socks is not just mine and many are finding the same problem. So, this needs to be addressed.

There is no manual available with the socks. Oops. The sock manufacturer will not be bothered to provide manual and reduce their sale. That’s the business. Okie, leave it.

I checked on the net and found that Albert Einstein never wear socks.

To Einstein, socks…

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