By the Mighty Mumford

Janel Mithani drew,

and painted a fairy review….

Flowing dresses

With no bustle stresses,

Crenillin and magic will do!

Most are in soft pastels,

For fairies don’t stay among themselves…

Thus if seem

They’ll be fashionable dreams,

In designs visible by Janell!

Light fabrics so rare,

Fairies float lighter than air…

Fairy wings

Glisten in these things,

And sprites show an appreciative stare!

–Jonathan Caswell

A fairy fashion poem!!

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HBO- Documentary: Dissociative Identity Disorder

Art by Rob Goldstein

This HBO documentary is one of the most informative documentaries I’ve seen on Dissociative Identity Disorder, though it does use the outdated term ‘Multiple Personality Disorder”.

If you are curious about how DID looks in life this documentary is worth watching.

And if you want to see the blatant stigma attached to mental illness, read some of the comments beneath the video.

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