We are not short, we are fun size….

Cheche Winnie

Do you ever think of all the awesomeness you have in you , the uniqueness you posses…

1516973189489720445102.jpgWell today I decided to check out the fun facts about my height and they are just super awesome, thanks buzz feed. Enjoy….

  • No one ever asks us to help them lift things! And this works out fine for us.
  • We can nap anywhere.
  • We can use taller people as human shields from the elements and enemies.
  • We have a huge personality to make up for our small stature. No one ever expects it.
  • Legroom on airplanes/ car is never an issue.
  • Oh, and of course, long-legged people who need the front seat are always grateful when we volunteer to fit in the back.
  • We can shop in the petites section and the regular section.
  • Our feet often never reach the ground when relaxing in a chair. This means that we can…

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