My Very Own Youtube Channel

So even me can do this too? NOT A GEEK!

Minion Head with a human brain

Hi There folks,

Hope you all are doing great :). Just wanted to share with you an amazing news .

Have started with my own YouTube channel & attaching link for the same. It will have Kathak dance covers on Bollywood & Hollywood tracks.  Let me know your thoughts 🙂

Also sharing my instagram handle here-

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Lots of love


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Ghosts: The Ghosts of Hurricane Mills Plantation House!

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, watch this free film about the ghosts on country singing star Loretta Lynn’s plantation house in Kentucky.  Fascinating first-hand accounts of sightings (and sounds!) of confederate ghosts and more!  Worth a watch for ghost and/or country music fans!


For more ghosts, please see


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Blogging Tips (Since You Asked!)


Hey! Okay, ever since my post about my 2017 stats, I have been receiving a lot of cries for help in the blogging world for tips and tricks. So, today, I thought that I would share the wealth and give some advice for those who want to see more action on their page. The tricks that are seen below have worked wonders for lifewithlilred and I have already seen an increase in my numbers in this month alone. Let’s get to it!

Write, Write, Write:

You can’t have a blog without content and it is SO important that you keep cranking posts out. In 2017, I posted every single day and that gave me the best stats yet in my almost four years of blogging. Can’t commit to daily posts? Then try and create a schedule and stick to it so that your readers will know which days to…

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