Mob Haiku: Divforce

Book 'Em, Jan O

Vinny’s ex, enraged,

shot him in the rear. ‘Twas an

ex sit strategy.

For more Mob breakups, please see Pasta la Vista Baby: Mob Haiku to Die For at


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Hole v. House

Kevin Driscoll

Do you remember a few days ago Senators Perdue and Cotton said Trump never said “shithole” during the immigration meeting??  Essentially, they called all the other people in the room liars.  Funny considering the White House NEVER disputed his use of the word and came right out and said they supported his use of the word.  What ever.

Do you know what Purdue and Cotton said they DID hear?  “Oh, he didn’t say ‘shithole’, he said ‘shithouse'”.

Really?  That’s how they get to deny the President said “shithole”.  In fact, Cotton said, “I did not hear derogatory comments about individuals or persons.”  No kidding.  Nobody said he did.

Another example of lying for the President that makes them look PATHETIC.

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All the ways you can shoehorn politics into your book

the orang-utan librarian

Hello!! After my post yesterday, I thought it might be fun to talk about all the ways you can (and some of the ways I’ve seen) shoehorn politics into books- enjoy!

Usual *disclaimers* that this is satire and should not be taken too seriously applies…

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room: Donald Trump is ORANGE- and there’s no way that joke’s been overused- so make it at least five times. For no reason. Preferably with cheerleaders over lunch. Because cheerleaders are very politically engaged.

orangutan and trumpYeah laugh it up… but all us orangutans are *offended*

While we’re at it these high schoolers are having a normal conversation and then BAM *moralising*. It’s been a lonnng time since I’ve mentioned this but you canand you must*insert the most banal opinions* into dialogue. Preferably something that virtue signals just how on message the author is and…

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