The Demise of the Pacific Parlour Cars

(An Interview with the Architect of the Parlour-Brian Rosenwald)

By M.E. Singer

View from the upper level of a Coast Starlight Pacific Parlour Car. Photo by Alexander Friedman

Remembering how Churchill so aptly described Stalin and his Russia as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma,” I have quickly tired of relying upon Amtrak’s perfidious approach to their obvious decision by refusing to provide accurate, timely, and complete information on the now annual question “will the Pacific Parlour Cars operate again?” (Note how even a Trains News Wire of 12/04/17 indicated the Parlours were to be pulled 01/08/18 merely for mechanical work and to be returned to service 03/14/18). Acknowledging how so many competent Amtrak managers have been pushed out of their roles since 2008 by the Praetorian Guard that swore allegiance to ex-CEO Boardman–over the passenger; even today those who survived the latest purge…

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