Ghosts: The Ghost of Flight 401!

Good OOld Eastern Airlines!

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, I’ve been watching old movies on youTube and this one’s a tue story.  If you don’t want to watch the film, there’s a book by John Fuller on the subject, or you can check the wiki.  It tells the tale of sightings of the spirit of one of the pilots who’d died as a result of the crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 into the Everglades (this occurred on 29 December 1972).  According to many witnesses, the pilot’s ghost was seen from time to time in aircraft (from different airlines) which contained parts salvaged from the wreck of Flight 401.  It was witnessed by air crew as well as passengers.  It’s an interesting movie as a ghost story and for that reason, I recommend it (it is pretty dated, but a good yarn nonetheless). And think about the idea of the spirit attaching itself somehow to the remains…

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