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snowstreetIt snowed today. It’s January; there’s supposed to be snow in the winter, isn’t there? That’s the way it always works with the four seasons. But you don’t understand. It snowed in Nashville. We have seasons here, and we have snow – sometimes. However, it is a rare event and not often enough for people to know exactly what to do about it when it happens.

It isn’t as if the snow was unpredicted. Every since last week, the weathermen have been jumping up and down screaming, “SNOW coming!” No one believed them. “Yeah, yeah, you said that last time and it didn’t happen.” Like the people in the proverb of boy that “cried wolf” too often, we quit believing.

On the nightly news, “SNOW, SNOW, it’s going to SNOW!” This morning we looked out the window – no snow. So everyone went to work as usual, figuring predictions were…

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Perhaps this would be their last ride 



Round and round they go and where they will land nobody knows. They often looked odd getting onto theamusementpark ride. Well, rather, others looked at them oddly. Which was uncool since people looked at them oddly due to their age. He was 101 and she 102. Not that anyone could divine their one-year age difference.

But they had been on this ride for a long, long time. Every time they climbed on and travelled they aged a little bit. Perhaps this would be their last ride. They always held hands just in case so that they could die interconnected.
They buckled themselves in and the music came on. They spun around repeatedly and closed their eyes. The movement stopped and their eyes popped open. They had traveled back to the world’s fair. Their nose bled. They dismounted and pulled out their mission card. This one was personal. They…

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Hyperloop: Future or fantasy?

This is really great! Someone other than our group blogging on HYPERLOOP! We believe in Hyperloop, but not BitCoin (or Donald Trump)

Iowa Climate Science Education

Hype or hope? BBC reporter Rory Cellan-Jones visits Virgin Hyperloop One’s test track near Las Vegas.

So, here’s the plan – we’re going to load you into a pod, and then shoot you at 700 mph (1,123 km/h) through a vacuum, taking you to your destination in minutes rather than hours.

That is the rather unlikely pitch of Hyperloop One.

But the remarkable thing that struck me on a recent trip to the project’s test site in Nevada was that nobody thought it was, well, remarkable.

The Hyperloop idea, first floated by Tesla’s Elon Musk, has sparked a number of projects keen to demonstrate that putting a maglev train in a vacuum tube can deliver the revolutionary transport system of the future.

Maglev – or magnetic levitation – trains, which use magnets to lift a train above rails, reducing friction and increasing possible speeds, are already in operation. One takes…

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Ghosts: The Ghost of Flight 401!

Good OOld Eastern Airlines!

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, I’ve been watching old movies on youTube and this one’s a tue story.  If you don’t want to watch the film, there’s a book by John Fuller on the subject, or you can check the wiki.  It tells the tale of sightings of the spirit of one of the pilots who’d died as a result of the crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 into the Everglades (this occurred on 29 December 1972).  According to many witnesses, the pilot’s ghost was seen from time to time in aircraft (from different airlines) which contained parts salvaged from the wreck of Flight 401.  It was witnessed by air crew as well as passengers.  It’s an interesting movie as a ghost story and for that reason, I recommend it (it is pretty dated, but a good yarn nonetheless). And think about the idea of the spirit attaching itself somehow to the remains…

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Feverish or Not

Stumbling Off My Soapbox

It’s a balmy 37 degrees this morning, and the snow is melting, even though my weather app says it “feels like 31.” Try as I might to be race-ready, these cold temperatures seem to wear me down, and I’m home sick again, missing the first race of the local track club’s season and, of course, the Women’s March.

No, it’s nothing major that keeps me indoors today, just a low-grade fever and fatigue to remind me that rest and sleep are just as much part of a solid self-care regimen as nutrition and exercise. To be honest, feverish or not, I thought I’d get up this morning and run and march anyway, and still have time enough to make it to Little B’s basketball game in the afternoon. I mean, “[n]evertheless, she persisted!” Right?! And yet, that stubborn, soldiering-through attitude of the marathon runner—that seemed to serve my family…

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Blurry Cleveland skyline


Hoping to capture the holiday

lighting seen from above city,

brother, Rich, and I slog through

sleet, snow and icy particles.

The scenery is impressionistic,

evocative of warm lighting inside

and chilly breezes outside.

As I cling to my brother’s

coat sleeve, I’m grateful for

his solidarity and support

for my blogging endeavors.

Slippery roads and yet, not

cranky under treacherous


That’s love for you.

Thank you, brother,

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.”

What a luxury,

to continue to be glad I still

have three unique men in

life, including my wonderful son.

✓ ✓ ✓

What dangers do you risk to

post a blogging story?

🚧 🚨 🚧

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