Trump remarks about Haitians


I can’t believe that it’s 2018 and this is the country that we are living in, I am livid. I wanted to make a brief statement myself after the president Trump remarks about immigrants. Everyone, take a moment and think how many times you shook hands with someone of a different culture, A human who has feelings, who has dreams, who has a family, who is an immigrant, who speaks another language. Now think about how difficult it was for them to start a new life somewhere foreign to them. I just don’t understand how our president can lack empathy, be racist, and lack common sense. Mr. President, those floors, sidewalks, and streets you walk and ride in every day. Were built not just by citizens, but mostly by immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants, therefore you should be ashamed for speaking to our brothers and sisters like that. We…

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Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Too bad US President “dump on” this holiday with his remarks on “pas de merde”

The Tony Burgess Blog

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day in the United States. Rev. King was a civil rights leader who gave his life for the cause of being sure everyone had the same rights and opportunities. His words and life should be an inspiration to everyone around the world. Thank you Rev. Dr. King for your leadership and your example.

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The Kinks : Waterloo Sunset – The Finest English Song of the entire 1960s!

The Immortal Jukebox

‘The most beautiful song in the English language’ (Robert Christgau)

‘Divine … a masterpiece’ (Pete Townsend)

‘As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset I am in paradise’ (Ray Davies)

A song about : London, The River, A Lonely Man and Two Lovers by A Great Songwriter leading a great Group.

The Voice of London:

It is, of course, a song about London.

Londinium. The Capital. The Big Smoke.

Now, there are other fine cities on other great rivers in this nation.

But, but, there is only one London.

And, if you want to find out who you are, not who you’ve been told you are, and how far you can go – well then, London, London, is the place to be.

Nowhere else. Nowhere else.

Kings and Conquerors. Poets and Peasants. Saints, Sinners and Scholars.

Those looking for the limelight and others looking to hide out – they’re all…

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