Is Rail Service The Answer To All Our Problems? Does San Diego have Some Solutions? With Photos


By Noel T. Braymer

This is looking south at the north end of the platforms of the downtown San Diego train station. In recent years there has been a building boom around the station of hi-rise buildings, mostly for housing.

Well maybe not to all our problems. But rail service it is a major factor for relieving traffic congestion, reducing the cost of housing, cleaning air pollution and promoting a healthy economy. Many of these problems are due to over reliance on the automobile for transportation. With this have come hidden costs that subsidize our use of driving. Near the top of this is “free parking”. Most drivers expect to find free parking near their destination. For years local zoning has often required that businesses provide a certain amount of “free” parking around stores, governments around public buildings and for developers to have plentiful parking around housing. The problem with…

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