“Personal Shopper” is spooky and enthralling!

Looking at the 2-minute trailer of the film, it first appeared to me like a ghost story. I am not a fan of Ghost stories, but after watching it, I can say it’s not like any other scary horror flick. You see Stewart as ‘Maureen’ – a young American Personal Shopper to a celebrity, living in Paris and moving around on her scooter wearing a Jacket and Jeans most of the time, buying the most expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry to fill her employer’s closet.

Maureen hates her job but she is waiting in Paris and trying to make contact with her twin brother, Lewis, who died recently of a heart attack — the result of a congenital defect that may one day also take her life.

The film begins with Kirsten getting inside the house where her brother lived, at the outskirts of Paris. She doesn’t look reluctant to encounter those weird…

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