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These sections of structural steel slated are the foundation for eastbound span deck panels that will have a one-inch polymer overlay for the driving surface and lane markings. Photos courtesy of New York State Thruway Authority.

Did you miss this from the car? The new maintenance facility is coming along.

What you don’t see from the driver’s seat: the police barracks foundation is progressing on the southern side of the Thruway.

I thought this would become a new pier near the Rockland shoreline. Wrong. It’s the Rockland abutment for the eastbound span.

Mystery object with snow-covered land in the background. Can you tell what it is?

I’d like to know what you think.

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“Personal Shopper” is spooky and enthralling!

Looking at the 2-minute trailer of the film, it first appeared to me like a ghost story. I am not a fan of Ghost stories, but after watching it, I can say it’s not like any other scary horror flick. You see Stewart as ‘Maureen’ – a young American Personal Shopper to a celebrity, living in Paris and moving around on her scooter wearing a Jacket and Jeans most of the time, buying the most expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry to fill her employer’s closet.

Maureen hates her job but she is waiting in Paris and trying to make contact with her twin brother, Lewis, who died recently of a heart attack — the result of a congenital defect that may one day also take her life.

The film begins with Kirsten getting inside the house where her brother lived, at the outskirts of Paris. She doesn’t look reluctant to encounter those weird…

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81. Hold my hand

Shouldn't Be Alone


I was lying on my front, as I usually was when I woke up, and after a few of the obligatory seconds of disorientation, I realised I wasn’t alone; there was a beautiful woman asleep beside me, her body turned away from me, her form vaguely outlined by the duvet and highlighted by the morning sun filtering in through the curtains.

I smiled to myself, stretched, needed to touch the beautiful woman, so I slipped my arm under the duvet and around her waist. As I did so, her whole body flinched, and she let out a little squeal. I remembered her being similarly startled that first night; it was possible she woke up even worse than I did.


I woke with a start as someone put their arm round my waist. I let out a scream and pulled away, only to have the arm tighten around me…

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