Ghosts: The Hitchhiker Ghost

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, here’s an archetypal hitchhiker ghost accompanied by an informative essay on this particular bit or urban legendry.  From The Ghost In My Machine blog.

Previously: Kiyotaki Tunnel, Japan. In the New Manila district of Quezon City — the most populous city of the Philippines, located not too far away from the capital, Manila — there’s a two-lane street. It’s an undivided carriageway, which means that it lacks a median; still, though, it’s a busy thoroughfare frequented by jeepneys and cabs. It’s named for the trees line it — but those trees do more than provide scenery. Indeed, it might be because of the Balete trees that the legend of the White Lady of Balete Drive clings to the road, and why it has persisted for so many decades.

via Haunted Globetrotting: The White Lady Of Balete Drive, The Philippines — The Ghost In My Machine

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