Knock! Knock! (Hospitality)

What Living Taught Me

Knock ! Knock !

-(opening eyes) Who is it?

Someone new.

-Hey welcome. Now, Where would you like to stay?

Ummmm…(thinking with an uncanny smile)

-Like my Head, Heart or Nerves !

Actually, In real life you don’t get a chance to ask this question. That ‘someone new’ just stays wherever he wishes to, without seeking your permission. Isn’t it?

People come and go in you lives; leaving some impact on you: maybe good or maybe bad. Some people you tend to forget with time while some get impossible to forget with time.

Lets know the impact, some people leave when they stay in your “Head, Heart or on your Nerves”…..

  • People who welcome themselves in your Head:

These kind of people will control/ tame / manipulate you. They will tell you how you should[talk, walk, speak, laugh..etc]. They will destroy your decision-making abilities. They can be controlling…

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