The Evolution Of The Necktie…   An Elaborate History 

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When and why did men start wearing ties? What is the point of them?

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They are uncomfortable and they dangle in your soup.

Justin Rigden, Adelaide Australia

  • Anthropologists would argue that the tie directs a viewer’s attention downwards to the wearer’s genitals (hence the arrow-like shape). A kind of displaced cod-piece.

    Elster, London

  • But they are men’s chance to have a little color with dark suits and white shirts.

    Freda Sedgwick, California USA

  • I’ve heard it argued (predictably enough, given that it’s a men-only item of clothing we’re talking about here) that it’s some kind of male virility thing. Apart from the somewhat phallic shape (if you stretch the imagination a little), a tie also forms a neat arrow – often in a bright colour that contrasts vividly with the typical dark suit / pale shirt combo – pointing directly at a man’s genital area. Quite apart…

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