Have Santa Call Your Kids!

christmasAs we take time off of writing to spend with family, here’s a site you want to share with your kids over this holiday:

DialMyCalls is a wonderful website that has a special Christmas offer for kids who want to hear from Santa. Read on:

Free Santa Calls This Christmas

This Christmas we have a great gift for everyone! Whether you’re an existing DialMyCalls user or not, you can take advantage of our completely free phone call from Santa. Imagine the look on your child’s face when they receive a personalized phone call from Santa with his or her name on it!

  • Simply select your child’s name and the message from Santa you want sent on this link.
  • Pick the time, date and phone number you want the call sent to.
  • We create a personalized message and send the call when you want it sent!
  • Each household can send up…

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Wooden Boats at the Bolton Historical Museum

Jazzersten's HDR Blog

We are touring inside the Bolton Landing Historical Society Museum in the Southeastern Adirondacks in Upstate NY on the shore of Lake George.  They have a special exhibit on called :”Along the Shore: Boats and Boating on Lake George 1880-1920“.  Here are a few of the wonderful Wooden Boats and Canoes on this exhibit, with the last boat being a model:

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Victory over insomia easy tricks 

Shake Your Conscience !

“Breathing strongly influences physiology and thought processes, including moods. By simply focusing your attention on your breathing, and without doing anything to change it, you can move in the direction of relaxation.”

Dr. Andrew weil
Here is how you do the exercise:
Place the tip of your tongue against the tissue ridge right above your upper front teeth. Keep it there for the remainder of the exercise.

Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound as you do so.

Close your mouth and inhale slowly through your nose while mentally counting to four.

Hold your breath for a mental count of seven.

Exhale completely through your mouth for a mental count of eight. Make the same whoosh sound from Step Two.

This concludes the first cycle. Repeat the same process three more times for a total of four renditions.

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