Couple Filmed Having “FUN” on Flight

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That’s not the dude’s girlfriend, either!

One problem, the guy has a 6-month-pregnant fiancée at home… YIKES.

How stupid do you have to be? Maybe he couldn’t think of another way to tell her Fiancée he no longer wanted to marry her. What a way to show her he got cold feet. Another thing he should be thinking about is child support, either he works under the table (to skip on payments, which are very wrong thing to do) or he didn’t really think this through at all.

Getting married is a big step in life. Expecting baby is even a bigger step in life.

Fiancée not more, unless she is REALLY in love with the guy. Couple’s therapy might work, but I don’t think it’ll work on this case. Relationships are simpler of what couples make it to be. Family is everything and it should be treated with the…

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