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Featured image: China Machado

Billie Holiday Singer-Actress

Donayale Luna 1960s

Jean Patchette 1950s

Grace Jones Model-Singer-Actress

China Machado 1950’s Shanghai

Nina Mae McKinney actress 1930s and 1940s

Any way you look at it, makup is an artistry stemming from various cultures of the world for different puposes. A broad spectrum of ethnicities in the glamour limelight have benefitted from the continual refinement of…. a growing variety of beauty products.

Maybelline is an American makeup brand sold worldwide snd owned by the French cosmetic company.

History of Makeup

From the copper and lead ore that the ancient Egyptians used to create the world’s firstcosmeticsto the scientifically advanced products of today that can do everything from hide pores, smooth complexions, and turn the pale green of youreyesa vivid shade of emerald, makeup has been an integral part of humankind for thousands of years.


Traditional indian bridal makeup…

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