What DO I Wear?!?! The Cape Crusader

Live In The Nautical

“I would wear a full-length cape if I could get away with it – I do love a good swirl in a fog.” ~ Martin Freeman

The Cape

Kimonos, vests, ponchos and capes, are my go to fashion accessories. If it is flowy and offers a semblance of warmth while still being fashionable, I am all in. It is one of the perks of Autumn, and dare I say it, the reason I love it so much.


Who doesn’t want to walk around wrapped in a cozy blanket? When it is stylish and chic? Score! I swear if snuggies were fashionable, I would live in them year round with no shame peeps. No shame!

Alas, thankfully I do not have to resort to walking around in a snuggie thanks to a wide assortment of cozy outer wear, especially that of the cape.


You could argue that capes have been…

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