Visiting the graveyard of her dreams


She looked at her image in the mirror. She was wearing her Sunday best.   She loved wearing her bonnet. Her makeup was flawless. She was happy, sad and calm. Amazing how one can experience so many emotions at one time. She was ready to go to the graveyard.

She grabbed her tissue box from her nightstand and headed down the hallway. She opened the closet door and turned on the light.

rochelle_closet @rochelle FF

There it all was;  what she had come to mourn. All her dreams, fears and wasted moments of breath. They were all there. This was the graveyard of her dreams. Everything in there represented a little part of her that had died.  That day at 11:15pm everything turned. Everything. Now there were Hallmark cards that meant nothing.  There were slippers that would never spring again.

She spent a good two hours in the closet. Then she wipe dthe…

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Ghosts: My Own Experiences in Haunted Churches

Book 'Em, Jan O

At the request of a reader (the excellent blogger Lee Duigon), I’ve been asked to relate my own experiences of hauntings in places of worship.  I’m happy to do so.  I may have posted about this before, so if it sounds familiar, feel free to skip it!

I did part of my theological degree studies in England at Ripon College Cuddesdon and Oxford University. While serving as Sacristan at Cuddesdon parish church (the sacristan is the one who sets up/puts everything out for worship services), I had this experience:

I should begin by saying that this sanctuary is Norman, it was built ca 1200 – 1250.  I went in early one morning to set up. It was still dark out.  As I worked, I heard footsteps. This made no sense. I was the only one there, no one had come in behind me, and the whole church was open inside…

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By the Mighty Mumford

Checking as Security

That Women’s bathrooms are clean…

Well done the floor—

Was told to look for—

Cleaners did their jobs marvelously!

Somebody’s office locked,

They needed one item checked…

We found the key


She was glad I made the trek.

Finding carts for big deliveries,

A part of my receiving duties…

Paperwork signed

Easing the mind,

Of the driver who leaves!

Any time we’re on duty,

We serve others—not rudely—

Unlocking doors

Replenishing stores,

Doing it all astutely!

–Jonathan Caswell, Security Officer

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A Psalm of Thanksgiving (Psalm 100)

Jason Neil Soto

Preached at the San Diego Rescue Mission on Wednesday morning, November 22, 2017.

Sometimes we don’t feel like being thankful. Sometimes life is so chaotic, so full of junk, so broken, that it seems there is nothing to be thankful for. Without God, life is meaningless. It will feel hopeless. God has given us hope in Christ. When we believe in Jesus, we become thankful. Thankfulness is ultimately our response to God.

I spent a lot of years not being thankful. I was angry. I was frustrated. I was depressed. I was not thankful. I spent much of my teenage years and early 20s feeling depressed. I was an artist, but everything I painted looked dark and dreary. So, I stopped doing art, because I got tired of looking at my depression. I then picked up the guitar, and started playing rock music. I was this Bronx kid that liked…

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Seaboard Southern NMRA show, 30 September 2017


Saturday was the local NMRA group’s annual meet at the Charis Centre in Crawley.  I’ve missed the last two Seaboard Southern shows, as they clashed with other family commitments, so I was pleased to get to this one.  An easy run down the A23 past Gatwick got me there just before opening time – those coming on the M23 had to crawl past the usual accident near Gatwick.

I spend a pleasant couple of hours at this little show, and even managed not to buy anything, except some more storage boxes from Jon the Blue Plastic Box Man.  I spent as much time talking as looking, as apart from having a long chat with Jon (‘Why weren’t you at TINGS?’), I also ran into Simon from ESNG (who was trying very hard not to spend £60 on a half-price book on Santa Fe locomotives), and I then spent time talking…

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