If you don’t like/love something/one at least don’t be mean to them.

Cheche Winnie

It’s normal not to like everything or everyone but it’s very unfair to be mean to them for no good reason. There was a 🙁 kitten outside my door today morning that was too 🙁 to even smile at my camera. Apparently my neighbors are not cat people and worst, they usually kick them whenever they cross their path.

This is just one of the kittens of the other four who I guess were having breakfast somewhere else with their mum. The mum is usually very protective and you can’t even go near them for a photo.

It’s against animal’s rights to mistreat them in any manner. May it be a stray dog/ cat/ injured bird. They are just like us, after all we all belong to kingdom animalia. Be nice to them and you will experience their warmth in return.

Sometimes when we want to have some air, we…

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