Ghosts: My Own Experiences in Haunted Churches

Book 'Em, Jan O

At the request of a reader (the excellent blogger Lee Duigon), I’ve been asked to relate my own experiences of hauntings in places of worship.  I’m happy to do so.  I may have posted about this before, so if it sounds familiar, feel free to skip it!

I did part of my theological degree studies in England at Ripon College Cuddesdon and Oxford University. While serving as Sacristan at Cuddesdon parish church (the sacristan is the one who sets up/puts everything out for worship services), I had this experience:

I should begin by saying that this sanctuary is Norman, it was built ca 1200 – 1250.  I went in early one morning to set up. It was still dark out.  As I worked, I heard footsteps. This made no sense. I was the only one there, no one had come in behind me, and the whole church was open inside…

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