Random Ramblings: November 11, 2017

Life Project Blog

This has been quite a week in the news; it’s not easy to keep up with all of it.

There was the church massacre on Sunday morning down in Texas, and then we find out that the perpetrator was a nut job who, but for government incompetence, would never have been allowed to buy a gun. Naturally there is another uproar demanding more gun control as if another law might make the difference: Has anyone added up the total number of laws this guy violated as it is?

Of course there was an off off-year election: What really happened and what does it mean???

Mr. Trump is in the Far East, what is he doing wrong???

Will they ever pass tax reform??? Is it just a way to line the pockets of the rich???

We have more coming from Donna Brazile’s new book full of shocking revelations about the DNC…

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