Wanderlusting: Bridging Brooklyn (and Central Park) Part Two

Live In The Nautical

“Brooklyn’s good. Brooklyn’s funky. Brooklyn’s happening.” ~ Waris Dirie

Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall

Saturday dawned way to early, even for this usual morning gal. Originally we were going to do sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge. But thanks to our ten mile trek and Mother Nature deciding her hot flashes were over, we caught an extra hour of snoozes and hoped it would warm up a few degrees, by the time we headed down to lower Manhattan.


Before hopping on the subway, we stopped at my local Starbucks, to pick up some hand warmers coffee. Not only was it duo purpose, as a caffeine pick me up as well as a hand warmer, but hello prop for our photo shoot.


We had decided to walk it from the Manhattan side to Brooklyn and back, which is just over a mile. We got off at Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall, which is the last stop…

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CTB Meeting: 2017-11-09


Commonwealth Transportation Board 2017-11-07

The Commonwealth Transportation Board held a meeting on November 11th at Randolph-Macon college to discuss the Tier II Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The discussion was for the whole corridor — not just the Ashland/Hanover section.

Here are a few notes:

  • 3,350 comments were submitted during the Tier II EIS comment period— over half were from the Ashland/Hanover area.
  • They are recommending the 3-2-3 option: 3 tracks to north of Vaughan Rd. and three tracks south of Ashcake Rd., with two tracks running through town.
  • Overpass bridges would be installed at Vaughan and at Ashcake.
  • There was some discussion about installing fences along the track.
  • There have been many management changes at CSX but it is not known how they might affect the project.
  • There is no funding for the project.
  • Various people stressed the role that new technology might play in the project — specifically hyperloop and deep bore tunnels.

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