My son’s pumpkin harvest


“Autumn’s Wardrobe”

by Henry Beston

The leaves fall,

The wind blows,

and the farm country slowly

changes from the

summer cottons into

its winter woolens.”

🍁 🎃 🍃 🌻 🍂

This is son and daughter-in-law’s

gorgeous red tree, with the

harvested pumpkins.

There are five children

so a big one will be

left for the parents

to decorate or carve.

One grandie thinks a Witch,

Someone wants Hello Kitty,

Another a superhero like


Guess who wants to be a Minion?

Their choices are

endless as Halloween

😈 👽 👾 🐱 🤖

is fast approaching. . .

I would like a Ghost, please.

A friendly ghost!


Trista says she would like

Jamie to carve an Owl!

🌻 🌿 🍁 🎃 🍃 🌾

If you don’t like


try to celebrate

a harvest festival.

🌽 🍎 🍆 🍏 🌽

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