Depression and Men: Suffering in Silence

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Clinical Depression is not pretty.   It’s a serious medical condition that can affect your peace of mind, disrupt your interpersonal relationships, negatively affect your sexual desire as well as interfere with your overall everyday life.  Medical illnesses such as stroke or cancer can bring on clinical depression.   Unfortunate life events such as a death of a spouse, divorce, homelessness, loss of a job can bring on a significant event of depression.

For a long time clinical depression was consider a woman’s disease, but in recent years that faulty thinking has fallen to the wayside.   Many men suffer from depression, often ignoring the symptoms and refusing treatment.   Suffering  in silence to avoid being stigmatized or label weak. When men find the courage to seek help, their symptoms are often severe to the point of entertaining suicide.  A young man told me the other day, he felt “broken…

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This body of water is a


It is “blended” from the

Blackwaters of two freshwater rivers~

the Jourdan River

and the Wolf River.

They are swampland tributaries

of the Mississippi River.

The mixture of fresh water

and the salt water of the

Gulf of Mexico

creates less buoyancy

but much beauty!

This has three names

to describe it:

* Mississippi Sound

* Mississippi Bight

* Bay St. Louis.

The salinity is 20%,

not as salty to swim in!

☀ 🌅 ☀


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