End Crimes Against Journalists


Last year, UNESCO reported that a mere eight-percent of the  legal cases involving the murders of journalists have been resolved. This statistic does not include the larger number of journalists who suffer from non-fatal injuries each day. Those regimes and individuals who commit violence against journalists are emboldened when they know they can attack their victims and not face justice.

When attacks on media workers go unpunished, a harmful message is sent that reporting unwanted information or compromising truth will get regular citizens into serious trouble. Obviously the public not only loses their main source of information about their governments, there is a loss in confidence in their judiciary systems. When journalists are “disappeared” or harmed, all of society suffers.

Each time a crime against a media worker goes unpunished, the impunity encourages other perpetrators to commit similar crimes. The atmosphere of impunity causes other journalists to self-censor their work…

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Thursday Door ~ Extra Halloween photos


The kids were excited,

Six of seven here of my


Thursday Door is

on the house my oldest

daughter and son-in-law

purchased after they married

in July. It had a fairy garden with

a pretty fairy and stone with clay

structure the past owner created.

Costumes are almost all homemade

except Skyler’s Halo video gamer

blue one and his brother’s skeleton


Your guess is as good as mine!

I came home worn out and

passed up the opportunity

to walk for two hours

in 42 degrees! Brr-r!

There’s a yellow side door

for family to remove shoes

in a “mudroom” with a nice

desk and places to store shoes

and sports equipment.

⚽ 🏈 ⚾ 🎾 🏸

The front door has a storm door

along with doorbell for guests

and trick or treaters.

This door post is part of a

fine group of door hunters

led by Norm…

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If I were a Rich Girl Wishlist

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 12.52.38.png

Have any of you ever walked into a Brown Thomas or Harrods after a horrible day, and suddenly your soul lifted and your heart danced (not in a way to give you cardiac arrest, but in a sense that you realise there is joy in the world)?

The shoes, the bags, the brooches!!

I feel like my eyes were momentarily blessed….. and then reality hit and I left empty handed.. but if I were a rich girl… NaNaNaNa… This is what I would buy.

  1. Gucci Bags

The Sylvie and the Dionysus Gucci bags are so cute! At first I wasn’t sure of them and I thought the designs could look cheap and tacky but looking up close at them, I fell in love! Although Gucci is a Well-known brand, people questioned its staying power and whether its price will be able to consistently rise but I think these designs have…

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