“Curse Of The Cat People (1944) — Christmas Scene” 

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Directed by Robert Wise
Gunther von Fritsch
Produced by Val Lewton
Written by DeWitt Bodeen
Val Lewton (uncredited)
Starring Simone Simon
Kent Smith
Jane Randolph
Ann Carter
Eve March
Music by Roy Webb
Cinematography Nicholas Musuraca
Edited by J.R. Whittredge
Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures
Release dates
March 2, 1944
Running time
70 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $212,000


The Curse of the Cat People is a 1944 film directed by Gunther von Fritsch and Robert Wise, and produced by Val Lewton. This film, which was then-film editor Robert Wise’s first directing credit, is the sequel to Cat People (1942) and has many of the same characters. However, the movie has a completely different story, and no visible cat people, only the ghost of a character established as a cat-person in the previous film. The screenplay was again written by DeWitt Bodeen.

Kent Smith and Simone Simon
After the…

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Zombies are my favourite (zombie 101)


I LOVE horror films. The scarier and the creepier the better. But my favourite type of horror films absolutely HAS to be zombies! I love the trill of the chase, the hiding, the running, the killing…..every little girls dream!

I can secretly fantasise I’m in the film, ducking and diving from zombie bites, finding somewhere to sleep, finding food, stealing cars to drive… it’s like a crazy ride at a theme park just waiting to happen.

There are several types of zombies, some I find scarier than others to watch and some I would happily jump into the screen and take on!!!

You have your crazy fast zombies that come out at night, like in the Will Smith zombie film ‘I Am Legend’. I think these are the scariest of all zombies as they aren’t remotely human anymore. They’re like animals, climbing up buildings with super human strength and speed…

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