My Little Story

Writers Envy

I feel so much satisfaction watching the word count grow in the little story flowing from my pen. This joyful enterprise, this crafting of a universe built from memories of a lifetime. This imaginary world I have peopled with those I’ve grown up with, played, schooled, worshiped, worked, and served with. Decorated with scenes that have thrilled my eyes and my mind and lifted my heart. Scenes, too, that have depressed me, hurt me, saddened me.

Whether this creation leaves my writing pad to be enjoyed by others, or remains tucked away in little bytes on my hard drive, I will always have the satisfaction of knowing I built something good, not something good like a birdhouse or a bookshelf or a deck built with the tools in my garage and enjoyed remotely, unthinkingly, for utilitarian value, but something good that tells a little bit about me, a little bit…

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