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It isn’t often that one gets the opportunity to solve a secret message written over a century ago. I’ve been collecting vintage postcards for more than twenty years and this is the only one I’ve personally come across that has a message on the back actually written in secret code. This sort of thing is […]

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pens, etc.


Today in 1945 the first ball -point pens hit the stores in America . The first patent had been taken out in 1888 , and the idea had been bouncing around in Hungary and Argentina and other places earlier .  I came upon this little bit of trivia as I was tapping away on my laptop keyboard .

I was watching an old movie yesterday . Someone was typing a letter . I could see the carbon paper there . Carbon paper ? Yeah . That’s how copies were made . I used to use a mimeograph machine at school that used carbon to run copies .

When I started school , once upon a time ago , some of the desks in the classrooms still had a hole in the corner . You know , a hole in which was placed the jar of ink . The old fountain…

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Delete button. Or is it the divorce button.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

All to easy to do that isn’t it. Press delete and it’s no longer there, the app or the frustrating game you waste so much time playing. But what’s frustrating me so much with this want it now society? Well it’s not the fact that people drive around in cars that they don’t own, or the fact that people want a burger and fries with immediate affect when they want it. Not so much that now isn’t soon enough. My concern is for the mental state of mankind. That it’s becoming so easy to get a 55inch TV without paying for it. That you can get a settee and pay nothing for 2 years or what ever. What bothers me is people don’t TALK anymore. That people have a difference of opinion and that’s the end of that. That friendships and relationships seem to be about what people can get…

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