A Loon on Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks

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It was early morning on Fourth Lake at Kenmore Cottages in the Adirondacks. I was waiting on the chilly dock over the water of the lake for the sunrise and out of the mist I saw a small figure paddling towards me. At first I thought it was a duck, but as it came closer and closer I saw it grow in size to an immature Loon.  He must of been lonely and wanted company because he swam right up near me and started preening for 20 minutes. I didn’t have a long lens, only the wide angle on the camera.

He stretched his wings and turned over exposing his white belly and preened and flapped several times.  He just wanted some company.

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We have a date in downtown Boston. The former Police Chief of Boston, New York, and L.A.  — William (Bill) Bratton — is speaking at the 60 State Street. That’s the really tall building on the edge of the Harbor in Boston. He should be an interesting speaker. He’s smart and he knows cities and crime and probably more than a little something about politics.

I’m pissy about it because, for the first time since who knows when, I had to put on make-up. Make-up? What’s that? 

I tried to go with pantyhose and nearly normal shoes until I realized I didn’t know when I’d bought the hose — or if they was any chance of them being my size. Or if I remembered how to put them on. I found thin socks and pulled on my “dressy” boots. They could be shinier, but they will have to do. Presumably…

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By the Mighty Mumford

Another invitation

For pizza has come…

Was he authorized

Will they be surprised,

Should I go get me some?

If anyone thinks of me,

Or not-I’ll let it be…

I won’t assume

They’ve made room,

Unless someone else comes to me!

Besides, I have my food,

To snark someone else’s is rude…

Second hand

Invitations stand,

Questionable, dangerously construed.

–Jonathan Caswell

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Unique blend of transportation and warehousing services: Safexpress Logistics

Logistics Company

In the presently fierce and competitive economic framework, manufacturing and retail firms are increasingly turning to outsourcing of their logistic functions to majorly focus on core competencies, better management and for the optimization of company resources, assets & inventory. Firms want to join hands with logistic partners having just the right expertise and competence to efficiently manage all of their logistic requirements across their entire supply chains.

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Safexpress’s transportation and warehousing services offer their esteemed customers a one stop solution for all of their logistics requirements. These solutions have benefited…

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Building Up Your Health From The Inside Out


We all know that being the right weight, eating well, and exercising is good for our bodies. But did you know that your body might still be suffering on the inside, even though you’ve managed to get the outside of your body looking at it’s best? Unfortunately, a part of life includes suffering with ailments. This all depends on your family history, what you’ve done in the past (like smoking), and also what you’re exposed to during current life that could affect your health. Here’s how you can build up your inner health to get yourself back at peak condition from the inside out:


Our stomach puts up with a lot of unfortunate issues, regardless of what you have put in it. We’ve all had stomach bugs where it has caused us to have major yuck sessions, so over time there is bound to be some damage done to…

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