By the Mighty Mumford

Replacing snap track with flex,

Culminated in a mess…

Nailed down the curve

How it would serve,

But didn’t anticipate THIS:

Trimmed the rails of the flex track,

Cut the second rail and it snapped back…

Track nails couldn’t hold

The flex track as told,

Nearly all of them pulled out, in fact!

Needed another layer

Underneath if I wanted a prayer…

Of holding in line

The flex track this time,

Put white-colored paper board under there!

Then ran out of glue,

Will pick up tonight (planning to)…

Glue the white layer down

So nails hold their ground,

Maybe flex for the inner track, too!

Clean rail, wire up, do train running—

This simple display will be stunning…

Circling a tree

A mini tree—see?

Seriously—no funning!

–Jonathan Caswell

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