By the Mighty Mumford

Replacing snap track with flex,

Culminated in a mess…

Nailed down the curve

How it would serve,

But didn’t anticipate THIS:

Trimmed the rails of the flex track,

Cut the second rail and it snapped back…

Track nails couldn’t hold

The flex track as told,

Nearly all of them pulled out, in fact!

Needed another layer

Underneath if I wanted a prayer…

Of holding in line

The flex track this time,

Put white-colored paper board under there!

Then ran out of glue,

Will pick up tonight (planning to)…

Glue the white layer down

So nails hold their ground,

Maybe flex for the inner track, too!

Clean rail, wire up, do train running—

This simple display will be stunning…

Circling a tree

A mini tree—see?

Seriously—no funning!

–Jonathan Caswell

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What Maddie Likes

No Facilities

“I’m good. I like this step.”

If we were having a beer, well, you’d be having water.

“I thought you were going to the bar.”

“Not today. I thought I’d sit here with you for a while.”

“Thanks. I like sitting out here.”

“We know, Maddie, we know.”

“Well, it was your idea, you and Faith. You guys built that patio for my cot.”

“No, we built that patio for mom.”


“You took over the patio, and when we moved the bench out of the way, you started sitting on the steps.”

“I like sitting on the steps. I thought you knew that. I figured it’s why you moved the bench over here.”

“We moved the bench over here, so we could take comfortable chairs over there. This bench is not comfortable.”

“Then why did you buy it?”

“It’s pretty. We wanted to make a pretty little place for…

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“Barefoot dreams”


Barefoot dreams

A Story by Coyote Poetry


Good places and friends make distance places good dreams in old age.


     Barefoot dreams

I met the Sergeant Major nightly at the Bowling alley, dance club and bar at Seaside. He was forced retired and slowly dying. You would never know it. He maintained his Texas smile and drank the pain away with whiskey. He wouldn’t take the pain medicine given to him by the V.A. He told me. Make him numb, dumb  and tire. His kidney and liver was gone. I knew him for three years since I came to Fort Ord. California. He was a Korean war and Vietnam vet. He saw me walk-in and waved me over. He had two young woman with him. He was famous for drinking and having money to spend. Sergeant Major told them. This is a real war hero. He takes care of me…

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