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My fellow Americans, our nation is failing.

It’s not failing because our government is failing. That is, by itself, merely a symptom in a nation where it truly is a reflection of its people. The politics which guide our dialogue and create the government are also little more than a symptom of the disease in much the same manner. To be truly free, much is demanded of a people, any people, and we are not meeting that challenge in any useful way.

We are failing as a people. We are failing as a society. We are simply failing.

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Canoes Ready to Launch in the Adirondacks

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We were at Stillwater Reservoir, a man made lake, in the Western Adirondacks at a Wooden Canoe Heritage Association gathering to go out canoeing.  Here we are gathering canoes at the shore of Stillwater getting ready to head out this chilly morning at 45-50 degrees in the rain to explore the lake. There is a kevlar canoe in the foreground and a real wood and canvas canoe in the background. In all we had about 20 people go out onto the lake for some Fall paddling. 

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