Someone left their hamstahs, (Shehanne)


Same picture, “take two!” 😎

Many titillating scandals are

fully intended to lead to love.

Should shenanigans transpire. . .

Let the romance begin!

“Hamstahs” at Shehanne Moore’s

blog are fabulous, truly fashionable.

Have you seen their hats?

👒 🎓 ⛑ 🎩

I admire them, lest I turn my back

accidentally! You need to stay on your

toes with ’em rascals. They may

decide as the famous singer so

aptly suggested to, “Get it on,” in

the glass box you purchased.

It was going to be a terrarium!

Succulent plants, not critter

babies were going to add

to my oxygen supply.

I think you’ll remember her

Lady Fury and Lady Malice

from your reading the books

I recommended this summer.

I’m hoping other strong,

demanding and exciting women

characters have inhabited your mind.

Shehanne’s books are already

part of your favorites. Of course,

the good feelings may extend

to men…

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