Blue Well Games.

Author: Sadaf Siddiqi

A few years back, there were solely nokia phones with only one snake game and everyone played it happily. Nokia 1100 can still be cherished, it had no internet but still made people happy and was worthy. Then came the age of smartphones, it slowly creeped in and has saturated the market. About 98.9% people now have smartphones.

images (1)What is the blue whale game?

These smartphones have invited many apps too. The most common and the dangerous being the latest blue whale game. The blue whale game app, puts forward many deadly challenges before its players.

The game challenges include:

The game starts with players writing “yes” on their hands with a razor and ends in the ultimate challenge, i.e. suicide.

images (3)

Blue whale game was invented by Phillip Budeikin, a psychology student who got expelled from his university for creating this. According to him, the game serves the purpose of cleansing…

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